PT. Maju Jaya Kemasan Bersaudara

Welcome to the website PT. Maju Jaya Packaging Brothers is a company engaged in the food and beverage packaging industry. Located in South Tangerang, our products have quality and guaranteed quality so they are safe to use for health. In fact, packaging will not escape our lives. Every activity we do, almost all of them require packaging to make our lives easier. We are here to provide the best solutions for the problems you are facing. Through Maxpack everything can be realized, from plain packaging to printing with the logo you want. Starting from Paper Bowls, Paper Cups, Lunch boxes and Plastic cups, we are made of Food Grade, which is of course very safe for health and for food quality. We are also halal certified, we want to solve all of your problems related to food and beverage packaging. In addition, we also produce all the goods ourselves, that means we can compete in the market with frendly prices. We also have our own brand called Maxpackaging, if you want to become a reseller, you are welcome to join us.